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wheel stopper

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    material science:rubber


    application:parking lots


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    wheel stoppers, also known as car stoppers are mainly installed to prevent the vehicles from hitting some barriers such like walls, garden beds, pathways and other vehicles. as a result, wheel stoppers are great helpful to be used on city intersection, highroad crossing, toll gate, garden, parking buildings, shopping centres, airports,commercial buildings, hospitals, gas station.


    1. cas rubber car stopper is designed with good anticollision, resistance to car wheel impact, hard object impact will not be damaged. with strong buffering ability, it protects buildings and vehicles from injury.


    2. with anti-sun, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, no cracks, no discoloration and other advantages, our car stoppers are sturdy and durable, practical, reasonable slope design . suitable for both large and small vehicles.


    3. with the attractive reflective strips, it can reflect brilliant shaft of light to the drivers and make it is easily to park accurately.


    4. it includes 3 holes for installation. car stoppers are installed in different parking lots to prevent cars from collision when drivers parking the car.

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