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the key points of design of motor vehicle parking lot

新闻来源:本站发布日期:2014-12-16 16:00:50发布人:admin

1, motor vehicle parking design requirements should be based on the region, model design. if there are special vehicles, should be designed according to actual vehicle contour dimension.

2, motor vehicle parking area layout arrangements can be grouped according to the vertical or horizontal arrangement, each parking should not exceed 50veh.
when there is no channel between the groups should be set aside, fire channel is greater than or equal to 6m, the.

3, motor vehicle parking entrance is located in the trunk roads, secondary roads or can be arranged on the branch, and shall be away from the intersection;

shall not be located in the crosswalk, public transport stops and bridge approach road office. a curb curves tangent point of the outside rail from the entrance of the outer edge of the railway crossing shall not be less than 30m. from the pedestrian overpass and underpass stair mouth shall not be less than 50m.

4, the parking lot entrance location and quantity shall be determined according to the parking capacity and traffic organization, and should not be less than 2, a, the spacing is larger than 30m; the difficult conditions or parking capacity is less than 50veh, and can be provided with an entrance, but the import and export should meet the requirements of bidirectional driving.

5, the parking lot of import and export clearance, should not be a one-way traffic is less than 3.5m, should not be two-way traffic is less than 6m.

6, the parking lot entrance should have good visibility conditions, obstacles sight triangle range should be removed.

vertical design 7, parking must be combined with drainage, slope should be 0.3% ~ 3%.

8, motor vehicle parking set specified channel and parking traffic sign, entrance and parking lot of internal marking.