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highway toll booths design drawings

新闻来源:本站发布日期:2014-12-16 15:56:22发布人:admin

highway toll booths drawings of the design for the new highway toll booth size consulting professional 400-0098-122 highway toll booths and anshun company was founded in 2006, the post base covers an area of 7000 square, has established a stable design team. set up by professional designers, with 10 years of experience in the design of highway toll booths, highway toll booth design accurate grasp. the company will according to the customer's needs of the project, combined with the market audience, through the professional point of view to analysis and sorting, to create a most satisfactory and has a personalized highway toll booths for customers, welcome to the major needs people to come to the consultation.

highway toll booth design detailed production process:

1, highway toll booth main columns: stainless steel sand plate, bent into a fan-shaped column.

2, highway toll booth exterior plate adopts the sand plate veneer, interior quality fireproof decoration board, side is white.

polystyrene foam plate 3, highway toll booth walls, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention, moistureproof.

4, highway toll booth window adopts stainless steel sliding window, glass full toughened glass, tape sealing edges.

5, highway toll booth ceiling using high-quality fireproof decoration board, all activities can be left and right away, convenient line installation, maintenance.

6, highway toll booth allocation: device and air leakage protection switch.

7, highway toll booth workbench for stainless steel worktable, equipped with a ballot box, drawer, cash box, cash box for portable, take away, back, convenient installation, wallet and notes are arranged in the drawers of vacancy, the ballot box is arranged in the left side, arranged tickets can be pulled out, convenient.

8, highway toll tingting floor using anti-static movable floor.

9, in road charging pavilion above the working station equipped with exhaust fan, mounted camera bracket required.

10, the highway toll booths are arranged at the top of the rings, convenient lifting.