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shenzhen parking lot, parking area, crossed line drawing painting line

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shenzhen crossed engineering need those essential products? and how to carry out the shenzhen underground underground garage crossed construction?

these problems are often we before construction, need to think about things, just ahead of a hot melt marking engineering reasonable planning, rational layout, shenzhen underground underground garage line works in order to build in line with customer demand standard. then by a anshun to provide you with the following suggestions:

(a) the prophase planning of shenzhen underground garage engineering: 1, combined with the actual terrain structure, statistical vehicle reservation number 2, garage; planning necessary security entrance, 3, matching the necessary facilities and products; 4, design graphic renderings; 5, the production of cad drawings; in short, in the construction of the former must have a clear clear the construction scheme, to ensure the smooth construction.

(two) the garage crossed engineering selection: garage crossed, navigation signs, car, warehouse navigation mark, intersection deceleration zone, the intersection of wide-angle lens, upright corner, reflective material, intelligent parking system etc..

(three) the underground garage crossed construction procedures: 1, the establishment of construction drawing, 2, first parking line construction, 3, a car stopper installed, 4 signs, site installation, 5, entrance system installation, the overall compliance by the first and after the comprehensive analysis, from the inside to the outside, inspection, testing.

hot melt marking marking project is divided into cold and hot melt marking paint crossed two.

a cold coating, crossed, with special road special cold coatings, artificial spraying, uniform thickness, color clear. including parking, parking the yellow line area, the channel line, with diversion, guide arrow etc..

two, hot melt marking

1, reflecting hot melt marking, using glass beads primer, petroleum resin hot melt coating.

2, the coating is heated in a hot melt machine, after the melt at temperatures between 180 degrees celsius to 220 degrees, and stir 10 minutes after coating.

3, marking the location and measurement, according to design drawings showing the location and the graphic, and then coated with paint primer in the labeled graph.

can be hot melt coating rear 4, the primer is dry, in the coating stripe while spreading reflective glass beads, increasing recognition of the night.

cas to undertake the garage area, was established in 2003, shenzhen shenzhen underground garage crossed engineering construction professional institutions. more than 30% of the market share in shenzhen, shenzhen city urban residential garage, free planning of shenzhen underground garage crossed engineering scheme.

garage (standard)

article 1 these rules apply to the garage, in the city and key tourist district planning design, small city can refer to the implementation of.

the garage principle second dedicated and public buildings built with the should be in the main building sites within the.

third where a motor vehicle garage must set the traffic signs in accordance with the national standard gb5768-86 "road traffic signs and markings", delimit traffic marking.

fourth motor vehicle garage entrances should have good vision. entrance distance pedestrian bridge, tunnel and bridge, tunnel approach road to be more than 50 meters; distance intersection must be greater than eighty meters.

more than fifth motor vehicle garage parking index 50, entrance shall not be less than 2; more than 500, entrance shall not be less than 3. import and export between the spacing should be greater than 10 meters, entrance width shall be not less than 7 metres.

motor vehicle garage parking index of public buildings built with, including attract foreign vehicles and the building belongs to the vehicle parking index.

the sixth motor vehicle garage parking mode should be based on small area, convenient, ensure the safety of evacuation principle. the main way of parking figure 1.

seventh motor vehicle garage parking index, to small cars for the calculation of equivalent. when the design, should be other types of vehicles according to table a column conversion coefficient for conversion into equivalent models, with equivalent models accounting parking spaces total index.

eighth motor vehicle garage main design indices should not be less than specified in table two.

the distance between the vehicle parked in the garage of the ninth should be no less than as specified in table three.

the tenth main channels of motor vehicle garage in width shall be not less than 6 metres.

the xiaoping curve radius of eleventh motor vehicle garage channel should be not less than the specified in table four.

the maximum longitudinal slope of twelfth motor vehicle garage channel shall not be greater than specified in table five.

thirteenth bicycle garage in principle is not located in the intersection near. exit shall be not less than two, the width of not less than 2.5 metres.

fourteenth bicycle parking should take the accessible principle. the main parking mode is shown in figure two.

fifteenth bicycle garage main design indices should not be less than specified in table six.

sixteenth public bicycle garage parking index refers to attract foreign bicycle parking index.

special bicycle garage parking index should be not less than 30% of the number of the employees.

seventeenth kinds of buildings built with the garage parking index should not be less than table seven to table eighteen provisions.

eighteenth of the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government, the public security traffic management department and the urban planning department may formulate rules for the light of the actual local conditions, the approval of the local people's government, and reported to the ministry of public security and the ministry of construction for the record.

article nineteen the rules by the ministry of public security and the ministry of construction shall be responsible for the interpretation of.

cas undertake road line, hot melt marking shenzhen underground garage marking underground garage engineering, marking, living areas such as crossed construction engineering.

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