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corner guard

    product name

    specifications:800 * 200 * 5mm/7mm

    material science:high quality rubber


    application:garage,parking lot,warehouse,car-parks, basement parks, industrial and commercial premises


    product introductionspecifications and parameters

    product description:

    corner guards are constructed from high impact resistance natural rubber. they are designed to protect the edges of columns in structures. corner guards relieves the tension of chipped & broken corners of pillars / columns. they are mounted onto the edges of, preferably all the 4 edges of square columns of basement parking as well as the edges of the walls in industrial premises. they are suitable for medium & heavy traffic areas & also moving trolleys. they are a perfect solution for chipped edges in car parks, hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, hotel, schools, sports areas and multitude of other commercial properties.


    1.rubber material,more durable;

    2.ideal solution for car parks, warehouses and other applications where vehicle dents and scrapes occur; different thickness,

    3.with high visible yellow stripes for warning;

    4. rubber is good material to protect vehicle and constructions because of its softness
    5.installation is easy, and the production is durable.

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